I believe, Contactless NFC and RFID Communication, Energy harvesting, and MEMS sensors are cutting-edge technologies of today. Flexibility, low power consumption and miniaturization allow to enhance your application with additional functionalities.

Based on my 18 years of professional experience in development of contactless technology, chips, standardization and application systems, I offer consultancy & trainings, hands-on system development and design-in service even for difficult environments.

  • Technical concepts & system architecture,
  • RF antenna and matching network design,
  • RF characterization and support for certification, on site or in our lab,
  • Product lifetime maintenance, problem analysis and improvements.

NEWS: Happy to announce my start!

Dr. Michael Gebhart

Consultancy & Prototypes
for Electronics – Communication – Sensing


Below, you will find a button that leads you to my work references, highlighting my expertise in developing functional prototypes for communication electronics and sensing. „Vita“ summarizes my professional carreer, and „Impressions“ give insignts to some of my topics.


These articles provide more theoretical background and insights on topics in NFC communication and sensor technology. Typically they are based on my peer-reviewed articles in scientific publications.

Lecture notes on RFID-Systems
TU Graz, course no. 451.417

Since 2009 I offer the lecture RFID-Systems at TU Graz. It is a pleasure to work with students, to combine innovation spirit with industrial development. In this section, find my lecture notes in PDF for download.


In the Showroom you can find actual developments, presented in a video and a related project folder, giving detailed informations. Please let us know, if something seems useful for your application, or if you would like to order samples.

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RFID-Systems Gebhart GmbH

Consultancy & Prototypes for Electronics – Communication –  Sensing
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